Thabang Khoabane
Thabang Khoabane , Mafeteng , 18

"If I am with other herdboys, watching our cows and our sheep, and you say 'I'm scared of HIV,' I would ask: 'Why are you scared?' You might say, 'Because it's a sin to have it.' I would ask 'Why a sin?' 'Because I'll die and go to Hell.' I would say, "You won't die as long as you take the treatment. And HIV is something that's there. So why should you be in the wrong?'

All this information I got by attending classes held by nurses at St. Andrew’s Health Centre, here in Mafeteng District. We also talk about VMMC (voluntary medical male circumcision), and encourage others to get it. We've been told it reduces the chances of transmitting HIV. I did it when I was 16, and I encouraged one of my friends to do it. Now the guy feels good about it, and he is spreading the word, too.

I started herding when I was 5 years old—my family's 18 sheep and 8 cattle. One time I saw one of the cows was in trouble. Very strong bloody diarrhea. Weak. Hunched over. I dug up an herb I'd seen older people use, and I saved the cow. It's still alive today. I like knowing how to help the animals I care for. And I like that the clinic gives me the information I need to help my family and my friends

Hape Marite
Hape Marite , Maseru , 28

SDG 4: Quality Education

SDG 5: Gender Equality

SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

I started my first company when I was 12 years old. My friends and I started a Sandwich business( I love sandwiches and I wanted to solve my own problem), we each contributed a small amount towards capital and within a very short space of time we had made an awful lot of money from going door to door, selling these sandwiches. I studied Bcomm Marketing at the National University of Lesotho. Yes I have been employed before, but I never felt fulfilled, I never felt like I belonged. I think I was going through a journey of life where I thought, I went to school and I should get employed and practise what I studied, but then realised that is not really what I wanted for my life. I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. Like I said that I always try to fix my own problems, I had a really sad hair and I started mixing different products up and experimenting. I also started talking to people about products and realised we do not have these products at home and decided; why not turn it into a business. I started manufacturing from my kitchen but now I have a little workshop where I manufacture hair products and I am happy with the growth. 

I beg to differ with people who say starting a business only requires capital, but it requires hard work and time. Yes, funding is needed but it is not a hinging factor, I believe in progression and starting small, baby steps are very important. People need to be educated and made aware that money is not the only thing one needs to be an entrepreneur. Speaking of education, our education system must be completely overhauled and made in such a way that it is life oriented. I don’t need Pythagoras Theorem right now; it is not applicable to my life. We cannot afford to continue using the same old methodologies that were applicable 20 years ago, things need to be practical and hands on.